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The business of… the Oscars

With the eagerly awaited Oscar awards this Monday, Kipp takes a look at the glitzy event that’s become the movie award ceremony of the year.

February 26, 2011 12:30 by

Oscar Freebies

The more Kipp thinks about the infamous goody bags that celebrities receive at award shows,  the more we think we might be in the wrong field of journalism (well maybe the Oscar journos don’t get as much, but if what the celebs take home with them is anything to go by…). From jewelry and expensive clothing to electronics, Oscar speculators estimate: “a determined celebrity, especially an Oscar nominee, can probably pull together close to US$1 ($1.40) million in gifts and prizes in the week before the show, industry experts say.”

But if you aren’t as determined, speculations estimate that the gift bag given non-winning nominees in the six major Oscar categories get is worth $43,316.95 alone. And then, let us not forget the designers and jewelers who shell out who knows what to get their dresses and jewelry endorsed by the starlets and stars of the night. After all, the Oscars are watched not only by Hollywood, but also by film lovers and fashionistas all over the world, who look to the event for fashion advice.


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  1. Criselda Varro on March 2, 2011 9:39 am

    Everyone who rags on the Academy Awards need to get over themselves. All of these movies this year are brilliant and no one should be disappointed in the winners. If the movies bore you to tears maybe you should skip movies with taste and go watch Madea Goes to Jail and call it a night.


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