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The Business of…2010’s best companies

Business has been bad in 2010, but not for all. Kipp looks at the year’s business success stories, from Dubai’s online retail scene to pretty much anything in Qatar.

December 28, 2010 12:34 by


Five years after they set up Dubai’s first e-portal for classified ads, American entrepreneurs Sim Whatley and JC Butler are looking at expansion plans that include taking over the whole MENA region. And judging from the year they’ve had, they look just about ready.

Three months ago they launched the Arabic version of their site, six weeks ago they launched in Saudi Arabia, and just under three weeks ago they launched in Syria, Jordan and the rest of the GCC. Now they plan to launch a French version of the site and to launch in Northern Africa.

This is surely the ambition of the founders shining through. Speaking to the National, co-founder Whatley said, “We’re hoping within two years to be number one in at least 80 percent of the countries. We want to stay focused on our number one goal, which is to be the largest classified site in the region, and we want to do that in the next three years.”


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