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The Business of…The Coolest Work Places

The Business of…The Coolest Work Places

From bringing your pet to work to playing with Legos for a living, Kipp looks at the top 6 coolest places to work.

March 5, 2012 5:22 by

Okay, we know we are getting pretty generic with all of this techy-related work places, but can you blame us? Because a lot of the money is in the IT nowadays, it only makes sense that it’d be the sector to foster some of the more innovative work environments. Facebook, is one such environment which employees say is great for its youthful and laid-back working culture. Don’t believe us? Check out this video tour of the newly opened headquarters of Facebook. When Business Insider asked Facebook employees what they liked about working at Facebook, these were a few of the responses they received:

  • “Stock options.”
  • “Flexible work hours, work from home, 21 days of PTO.”
  • “The food is awesome.”
  • “Work is very social – no cubicles, you can walk over and talk”

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    A provocative iingsht! Just what we need!


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