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The camera doesn’t lie

The camera doesn’t lie

From Jon Stewart’s criticism of Israel to a self-proclaimed Facist’s call to wipe out Gaza, videos about Israel’s offensive are making the rounds in the Middle East. Here are a few.


January 14, 2009 2:29 by

Since the Israeli siege and bombardment of Gaza, many Arab expected little more than pro-Israeli news coverage and analysis by the world media. But they were wrong. An episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a comedy show, exposed some of the discrepancies in the policies, approaches and the justifications used by Israelis and American politicians for the conflict in Gaza. The clip, an excerpt of an episode aired on January 5, 2009 is currently doing the rounds in the Middle East.

During the segment, Stewart remarks that “Hamas’s continued insistence on firing rockets into Israel, and Israel’s insistence on the soul-crushing segmentation and the blockading of Gaza is a very complex situation; obviously both sides of the complex situation are vigorously championed by American politicians,” and airs a series of interviews with American politicians who side with Israel.

“You see,” he concludes. “It’s the mobius strip of issues. There’s only one side.”

Showtime, which broadcasts the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Showtime Comedy, censored the segment, forcing curious Arabs to view the clip on facebook.

Another clip doing the rounds is a news report of what appears to be Israelis drinking coffee, smoking and observing the bombardment of Gaza from a distance. A news reporter interviewed one of the spectators and asked why she came to the Gaza border.

“We wanted to see it in our own eyes, not from a television point of view. They chose Hamas to rule them. It’s their fault. They got it to where it is now, not us.”

“But don’t you think the bombing will make it worse?” asked the reporter.

“No I think that is the only solution,” replied the spectator. “I think they should just clear off all the city. Just take it off the ground.”

“Yes I’m a little bit fascist.”

Have you seen any interesting videos about the conflict in Gaza lately?


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