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The Careerinator

The Careerinator

Almost two thirds of you fancy a career change, according to Kipp’s poll. Here’s a look at the results, plus some famous faces that made it happen.

August 2, 2010 4:20 by

Kipp is very happy for, and perhaps a little jealous of, 35 percent of you. That’s the percentage of our readers who love their jobs, and if given a “do-over” would choose to do the same again, or at the very least something similar, according to our most recent poll.

Good for you, we say. You’ve entered the vast forest of professional careers, picked a path and probably rarely looked back, which is more than most of us.

Because of course that result means that 65 percent of us, almost two thirds, would rather be doing something else, somewhere else. Right now. Just think about that. Sixty-five percent of us don’t want to be where we are now, and if we don’t make a change, we’ll spend most of our lives that way.

So what did the poll tell us about these unhappy souls? Where would they rather be? Well, of the remaining 65 percent, 22.5 percent would choose anything with more money. No surprise there, as our earlier polls have shown. Kipp has more respect for the 7.5 percent of you who want to be outdoors, maybe on a farm on working in a garden (we’ll assume you mean somewhere other than Dubai in the summer). The same percentage would like to be working with kids, maybe as a teacher or coach – presumably helping youngsters gives a you a reward money can’t buy. A bit like helping people, which a gallant 15 percent of you would like to do.

That leaves 11.25 percent dreaming of a slightly more unusual career, one which demands its own unique skills – maybe a top chef, or a fashion designer. And finally a measly 1.25 percent of you fancied working with animals (we’re hoping alive, rather than dead).

If you do dream of escaping your current daily grind, why not do something about it? Plenty of people do, and do so successfully. Here’s a few famous faces to inspire you:

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