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The crisis of credit visualised; Does Facebook make your brain bigger?; 10 Halloween costumes to avoid; a Siri-ous look at the iPhone 4S

This week, the web brings us a visual representation of the credit crisis, Groupon IPO valued close to $12billion and Occupy Wall St could reach India.

October 20, 2011 11:33 by

The Crisis of Credit Visualised

“The credit crisis is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated”- if you’re one of the “unfamiliar and uninitiated”, have a look at this video. It is a very basic but succinct introduction to the credit crisis: starting with the homeowners, investment bankers and of course Wall Street.

iPhone 4S (Siri-ously?)

We’ve posted this video on our Facebook page a couple of days ago and we still can’t get over how funny it is! If you are an Apple FAN-atic, be warned this facetious video might be a tad offensive. Kipp’s favourite dig at the most marketed smartphone in the world? The part about Apple being unable to develop anything new because they’ve been too occupied with suing their competitors. Samsung do a woot, woot!

Groupon may value itself in IPO at close to $12 Billion

How the mighty have fallen. As Groupon readies itself for its IPO, it appears the daily-deals pioneer has dropped its estimations almost a half from the more ambitious: $25 billion to $30 billion. And Kipp’s got a feeling this wave of indifference in the daily deals market will soon hit the UAE shores.

Will Occupy Wall Street reach one of the world’s most unequal countries?

Post the Anna Hazare madness, why hasn’t the demos-unifying ‘Occupy Wall Street’ that seem to have spread all around the world reached India? Is their absence of participation could be a sign that things are looking up in the subcontinent…that, or they’re planning a massive protest and are just keep mum about it.

Does Facebook make your brain bigger?

The research, from University College in London, discovered that those who are more social in general tend to have larger amygdalae than their peers, but that those who are more social online also have increased sizes of the right superior temporal sulcus, the left middle temporal gyrus and the right entorhinal cortex. For those curious: The superior temporal sulcus is known to give cues about others’ emotions, while the middle temporal gyrus helps us react to said social cues. The entorhinal cortex, meanwhile, has been linked to our memory.

What does that all mean? Check out this article for more:

The 10 Best (Topical) Halloween Costumes for 2011

From a pregnant Beyonce to Muamar Gaddafi and Rebecca Black, if you are planning ahead for your Halloween Costume Party, this is list will serve for some great inspiration.

10 Halloween Costumes to Avoid

….and in case you get any ideas, Gawker sets you straight in your place with their list of the top 10 Halloween Costumes you absolutely must avoid. Highlights: Steve Jobs, Amanda Knox and Anthony Weiner

What percent are you?

We absolutely love this chart from Gawker…Find out if you really are part of the 99 percent or if you’re living as part of the 1% elite.

How to fix internet embarrassments and improve your online reputation

We especially like the headline’s tribute to the movie title ‘How to lose friends and alienate people’ used in this article that helps you navigate the increasingly public (a little too public for our taste) social network platforms.

“While Facebook won’t let you delete content uploaded by another person, it will allow you to ensure it doesn’t show up anywhere on your profile, wall, or photo stream,” says the article. If you have a problem with the extremely ‘social’ aspect of social networking, then have a look at’s guide to having a less embarrassing internet presence.

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