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The dangers of drinking and cooking; the smoky horror picture show; Battle of the Human species; Britain’s worst sheep dog; Addicted to energy drinks?

The dangers of drinking and cooking; the smoky horror picture show; Battle of the Human species; Britain’s worst sheep dog; Addicted to energy drinks?

This week, Kipp brings you the evolution of TV, the next level of smoking scare tactics and Hannah Hart’s secret to jawdropping cuisine…


June 24, 2011 1:48 by

The smoky horror show

The latest graphic new cigarette labels, unveiled by America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on June 21st, does raise questions on the role of the governments are playing in the fight against tobacco.

Why is there only one human species?

In this riveting feature BBC’s Michael Mosley asks “not so very long ago, we shared this planet with several other species of human, all of them clever, resourceful and excellent hunters, so why did only Homo sapiens survive?”

Changing the channel

Joel Budd says television is adapting better to technological change than any other media business. What do you think?

The Ten Most Bizarre College Courses

How does a course titled “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame” sound to you? Or how about The Phallus- a survey of “everything from the relation of the phallus to masculinity (sounds pretty basic) to the “whiteness of the phallus”” whatever that is supposed to mean. Kipp liked this odd list from BusinessInsider and think you will too.
Britain’s worst sheep dog chased by flock

Though collies generally make excellent sheep dog, Ci the Border Collie is the exception to the rule. Not only is he far from the prime sheep dog, Ci has developed a fear of sheep. Watch this video for more.

Energy Drinks: Are they worth it?

Kipp was never a drinker of any energy drinks until late last year when we got hooked. And though we managed to shake off the addiction with some group therapy and a discrete visit to rehab, if you are still suffering from addiction have a look at the website which gives you an interesting comparison of what goes into an energy drink. For example: did you know that one energy drink is equivalent of eating 11 butter croissants? Shocking stuff…

The Pleasures of Cooking While Drunk with Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart’s cooking videos have one theme running through all of them: before she begins cooking she is sober and by the end of it she is rather drunk. And what could be rather painful viewing, is edited to be transformed into rather quirky videos.


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