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The Giant Who Came for Tea

The Giant Who Came for Tea

Dubai hosts enough world records to create a cosy home for a giant, thinks Kipp.

February 29, 2012 5:26 by

It is common knowledge that Dubai has an unnatural fondness for creating the biggest, largest and most expensive. In fact, the city alone has amassed more than 50 titles from Guinness World Records. For the most part of it, Kipp’s just sat here nodding our head derisively at the rather vain and counter-productive achievements; but after we heard about the largest book, the latest potential record holder, we have begun to see a connection. That is to say, if you had the largest room in the world, and you put all of the largest things Dubai has been making over the years—you’d have a decent place for a mini-giant to live in.
But first, the record that started all of this thinking: we are talking about the largest book in the world, titled This is Mohammed, a book that is about, as the title may suggest, the life of Prophet Mohammed. The book is five metres tall, eight meters wide and weighs 1,500 kilograms.
So where would one read such a heavy book? Well how about on the World’s Largest Chair? In 1999, Kipp remembers the sight of a wrought-iron chair 7.56 metres high and 3.2 metres wide at the creek-complete with a complementing foot rest.
That is all very well, you may say, but how did one even acquire such a book?
Well, using the largest shopping trolley build in Dubai by Al Safeer Group and Century Shopping Mall in 2004, the trolley was 10.5 meters high and had a basket that measured 6.88 metres long and 4.46 metres wide. Of course, with dimensions like that, you can well imagine that the trolley had to be supported by wheels that are 0.79 metres in diameter.
Our friendly giant may be tempted to pick up the biggest magazine published in 2002 by Paris Gallery which featured 100 pages of ads and articles from Paris Gallery. The magazine measuring 0.67 metres by 0.98 metres might prove to be less of a burden than the massive book.
Once, you have selected the biggest book, where will you store it? Only in the World’s largest shopping back of course. Made by Paris Gallery, in 2001, our book worm-ish giant would place the book in the bag which measures1.8 metres by 1.19 metres wide.
He may choose to cycle home in the largest bicycle made in Dubai in 1999-which measured 7.5 metres high, with a 6 metre diameter front wheel and 1.7 metre diametre back wheel.
Once home, our friendly giant may choose to slip out of the biggest Abaya (made by Ghareem Shaila and Abaya at 8.37 metres long and 3.66 metres wide in 2006) or the biggest Ghutra and Ogal (the head gear alone was 58 metres long with 15 centimetres thickness and a diameter of 70 metres) depending on their clothing preferences.
Of course, we’d be damned if we didn’t mention that our friendly giant would be most likely to find items more appropriate to his size were he to shop during the Dubai Shopping Festival—where most of these records are made. But how would he visit Dubai, you ask? Well only with the largest entry visa. In 2002 the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD), issued the largest entry visa, measuring 0.7 metre by 1 metre, to Kholoud Younis, a Palestinian from Dammam, Saudi Arabia. We feel certain the authorities would extend a similar kindness to our giant friend.

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