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The glamorous world of flight attendants; ‘X’ is now a gender; the celestial economy; Windows 8: The PC Goes Post-PC and more…

This week we find out what’s the most Earth-like body in space; that Australia has a new gender and the brightest from America’s Got Talent

September 15, 2011 3:55 by

The celestial economy

By 2030 China’s economy could loom as large as Britain’s in the 1870s or America’s in the 1970s. Why is that? Arvind Subramanian of the Peterson Institute for International Economics says it is all down to three aspects: demography, convergence and “gravity”. So what could this mean for the future? Read on for Subramanian’s rather controversial conclusions…


Windows 8: The PC Goes Post-PC

Earlier this week Microsoft released Windows 8,at Anaheim, California at its BUILD conference. The new Microsoft 8 is radically different from its older cousins. It has a completely new interface which uses touch as its primary means of input. As TIME put it “for the first time ever, a new version of Windows is about departing from the past, not improving upon it.” These mark the start of exciting times for conventional old Microsoft…read this review from TIME to find out more about the new Microsoft.


Space Discovery: 36 Light-Years Away, the Most Earthlike World Yet?

Speaking at the Extreme Solar Systems II conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo., a team of European scientists revealed the discovery of no fewer than 50 new worlds. One of them, known as HD 85512 b, Vela has been the source of much attention: “It’s a beautiful detection,” says Berkeley’s Geoff Marcy, who leads a different team of planet hunters. “And it’s plausible that it could be habitable.


The Glamorous and Groundbreaking World of Early Flight Attendants

Take a trip back in time and around the world with this photo essay from LIFE. According to an article from the 50’s only three to five out of every 100 girls who applied was accepted: “the job they want does not pay extraordinarily well, only $255 to $355 a month … But the chance to fly, to see the world and meet all sorts of interesting people—mostly the kind of men who can afford to travel by plane—gives the job real glamor.”


X’ now a gender option in Australian passports

Australian passports will now have three gender options — male, female and indeterminate — under new guidelines to remove discrimination against transgender and intersex people, the government said Thursday. OK, so this isn’t exactly Best Of the Web kind of material, but hey we thought it was pretty interesting news.


America’s Got Talent

Contrary to public opinion, Kipp stumbled across this video which proves that America might just have talent. Jest as we may, we were quite amazed by this interesting illuminating and creative dance.

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