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The Greens vs JBR

Since Dubai’s residents are on the prowl for cheap rent, Kipp decided to pit two of Dubai’s most sought after developments against each other.

The community

As Emaar’s first (and some say last) ‘affordable’ community, The Greens is Dubai’s original rent-to-own development. With rows of G+4 buildings built closely together, there isn’t much space for verdant lawns or gardens. But you will find trees, flowers and grass scattered throughout the development, so it is green.

As for the community, there is little doubt that The Greens is one of Dubai’s most vibrant residential areas. The community center, which includes a supermarket and a dry cleaner, is within walking distance, and the leisure facilities at the center of each cluster of buildings brings residents together. Yes, it’s corny, but it’s also true. Score: 8

Quality of build

Some residents claim the buildings weren’t built to last 20 years. Other claim the building weren’t meant to last at all. Either way, The Greens has a number of shocking quality issues. For one, there isn’t enough insulation between the different floors, so if your upstairs neighbor is washing his or her dishes, you’ll know about it.

Other problems include the cracks in the walls, the poorly fitted doors and the ‘concentrated-paper’ (thin walls) used to divide the hallway and the kitchen. The list is endless. Score: 2


Every cluster of four buildings has a pool, a gym and a kid’s play-area, which are maintained regularly. And every building has its own underground car park. Score: 9


Are residents in The Greens part of an elaborate experiment by the Road and Transport Authority to test levels of road rage? Are they deliberately taking their time with road works to study the neurological effect of being stuck on a 300 meter stretch for 25 minutes?

Will that bridge they’re building ever open? Ever? Score: 1

Final score: 20


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