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“The job market has picked up in 2012” says executive


Lama Ataya, CMO, tells us about the biggest trends in recruitment in the year that was and the year that will be.

November 26, 2012 11:37 by

-What is the biggest challenge recruiters faced in 2012?

According a poll conducted in August, 29.2 percent of employers find that sourcing relevant candidates is one of the biggest challenges faced when hiring for senior executives and management positions.

-How has the landscape of recruitment changed over the past 12 months?

A recent study we conducted in August suggests the job market has picked up since the beginning of the year, with 53 percent of employers in the UAE looking to hire in the next three months, and 66 percent within a year.  More than half of the region’s employers (53 percent) claim they are either ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ hiring in the next three months.

Online recruitment continues to be favoured by top employers across the careers spectrum and the introduction of such platforms as Bayt.coms’ Pubic Profiles platform which enables employers to source and research candidates directly online has made it more important than ever for candidates at all career levels to have a very competitive and current online presence.

-Which sectors faced the best/worst growth in 2012? And will this trend continue in 2013? 

Based on our research studies, in the UAE in specific, employers are seeking professionals with managerial experience (35 percent) as well as engineering experience and mid-level experience (jointly at 27 percent). High in demand are computer skills (26 percent) and sales and marketing experience (25 percent).

The following industries are perceived to be attracting/retaining the most top talent in the UAE are Banking and Finance (34 percent); Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals (32 percent) and Telecommunications (27 percent).

-At the start of the year there were many predictions concerning salary increments and better job opportunities. Now that you have had a chance to crunch the numbers, was this the reality?

Indeed. Our research has shown that the UAE’s hiring expectancy in the coming months is slightly higher than it was in quarter four of 2011.

-How did the UAE compare to the GCC/ MENA markets in 2012?

As per’s latest Job Index (August 2012) survey, the UAE (43 percent) is perceived to be the most attractive country in the MENA region to live and work, followed by KSA (40 percent) and Qatar (40 percent).This clearly suggests that the UAE has in fact recovered from the financial slump with even more positive prospects for the year to come.

-2013 is heralded to be the big comeback for the UAE-do you see that likely?

With Dubai and Abu Dhabi topping the list of the best cities in the MENA region, little seems to threaten the UAE’s recovery and standing as a favoured place to live and work.

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