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The Leopard That Could

Kamal Dimachkie 2

Kamal Dimachkie talks about businesses in a fast-paced world and what they can learn from a Leopard's evolution...

April 4, 2013 4:44 by

Today’s business climate requires that we adapt at warp speed. Survival, we are often reminded, requires evolution on steroids for those of us who are capable. We are often asked, and conditions daily and regularly demand discontinuous evolution at speeds that are mentally, emotionally and – often – physically challenging. In some fields of practice, it feels as if we are constantly failing to recognize the enormity of the change needed, let alone beginning to take steps towards that change.

If most of the leopard population has taken millennia to evolve, to change its spots and evolve behavior so the species continues to exist and thrive, the survival of many businesses and professionals resides in our ability to transition and evolve at a much higher pace than we have ever been prepared to, trained for and thought capable of. It is akin to having to mechanically make the shift and acquire skills and conduct in the same way one would empty a cupboard of its contents only to replace them with other items.

Hard and unrealistic as the above sounds, it is becoming imperative and perhaps nowhere more pronounced than in the field of communication. Here, the strong call of evolution is held in check by the equally as strong pull of limited financial resources, time, the abilities of people, and the demands of legacy traditional business requirements that vehemently reinforce the status quo on a daily basis – a status quo that continues to represent a disproportionately high amount of revenue in any P&L statement.

Last year’s Cannes Advertising Festival awarded a little-heard of Bronze Lion to the most unusual entry, arguably since the inception of Cannes. The client organisation that won the Lion was none other than Google, who deservedly earned it. Interestingly, the agency was, believe it or not, also Google. And the production house was, surprise surprise, Google as well. Cannes has probably never awarded such a combination before, though this may only be the beginning of things to come.

Google proved to be the leopard that could change its spots. Are there any others out there? I pray there are, otherwise we will soon be praying on a lot of souls.

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