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The Magazine in the Machine: digital publishing fits all

The Magazine in the Machine: digital publishing fits all

The high adoption rates of mobile devices in the Middle East have created the unspoken expectation for publications to go online. Such a move can be daunting and the right tools must be employed to ensure success in overcoming the challenges of digital publishing.

November 20, 2011 4:11 by

…geographical horizons allowing publications to publish beyond their borders into new markets, thus potentially attracting new advertisers.

Part of the Whole
Effective, streamlined software helps publications fulfill that tacit expectation that all media should be online. We now have the tools necessary to achieve that goal in a cost-effective manner. Such software not only simplifies the process for publications, but allows magazines to satisfy their key stakeholders – the advertisers and the readers. It would be incorrect however to conclude that digital publishing will completely replace print media or that it should. Ultimately, digital publishing should not be seen as replacing print media, but complimenting it and forming a significant part of the overall strategy of publications.

Joe Karkour, Regional Business Development Manager, Adobe MENA

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