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The marketing mantra

The marketing mantra

Thanks to the financial crisis, advertising money has fallen, and expectations have increased. So how do marketers strike the right deal?

November 11, 2009 3:40 by

“Creativity for its own sake has little or no value for the client. It has to deliver insights, cut-through and usually has to create an emotion in the consumer – in order for creative ideas to work,” he said. That’s the reason why the Effies aim to reward campaigns based on their effectiveness in the market, he added.

According to Siobhan Adams, managing editor of Gulf Marketing Review-which organizes the GEMAS Effie -the rules for the Effies were very strict. Despite having more than 200 submissions, and a shortlist of 68 entries, some of the categories didn’t see any winners at all. The following categories had no winners: Telecoms/Mobiles, Cosmetics, and Electronics/Computing; the Best use of CSR had no gold winner; and Real Estate only had a bronze winner.

But she says that many of the entries this year had much more consumer insight than previous entries. For example, Etihad’s advertisement titled ‘Etihad marries India to the World’, which won the gold under the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality category targeted single Indians living abroad through its campaign and featured matrimonial sites, which are extremely popular in the country.
Advertising is all about striking the right balance between creativity and effectiveness, and about giving the consumer what he or she wants rather than the other way round. And with the financial crisis, it is perhaps more imperative for agencies to strike this balance perfectly.

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