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The most annoying things this summer

The most annoying things this summer

Angry at the din created by vuvuzelas, Kipp decided to see what else would be upsetting readers this summer. The results are in.

June 28, 2010 4:10 by

Summers in this part of the world can be tough. High temperatures and humid conditions keep most UAE residents trapped indoors, and a combination of cabin fever and the heat means tempers are generally short. I realized this when, watching a World Cup broadcast, I became incensed (as many did, apparently) by the constant drone of the vuvuzelas. It’s no wonder that most of us like to escape, and so many expats head home for their holidays.

I can’t be the only one losing my temper, I thought, and so it proved. A quick straw poll of the office revealed that we all have our pet hates of the summer. So we selected the most popular gripes (or should that be least popular?), and put it to our poll: What will be the most annoying thing about summer 2010?

The results are in, and the outstanding winner, unsurprisingly, is the heat. After all, that’s what is causing us to have short tempers in the first place. Almost 50 percent of respondents (48.5) think the heat will be the most annoying feature of the next couple of months, and the Kipp staff can’t help but agree. But there are other contenders.

Power cuts are a major annoyance to 13.5 percent of people – presumably they’re living in Sharjah, or other power cut exposed areas. If we had to suffer them, these would undoubtedly make our list.

The World Cup, mean while, is rubbing 9.2 percent of you up the wrong way, and given England’s pathetic exit surely that number is now higher? Added to the people like me who despise the vuvuzela (11.6 percent) and you have a healthy chunk of people not enjoying the supposedly glittering event.

That much maligned symbol of summer in Dubai, the eternally cheerful and strangely disturbing Modhesh, is bothering 12.3 percent of you. I would have thought that figure would be higher, but then I have always had a disliking for the strange yellow spring. Maybe I need to calm down a bit, find a way to chill out.

If you find your temperature rising this season, perhaps you should also try finding a way to stay cool. You could take the kids (who are bothering only 5 percent of you) to one of Kipp’s recommended destinations.

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  1. Anne on June 29, 2010 11:04 am

    summer in U.A.E is better than summer in an African country,
    is better than in Karachi,Mumbai,Delhi,Dhaka,Baghdad,Riyadh, and many more cities where a person walks on the electric cable to prove that the power is not there.
    summer in better than the winter in Europe.
    what else we can ask for.


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