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The Network of Mike de Kock

When you are a world class horse racing trainer like Mike de Kock you keep the company of sheikhs, jockeys and some pretty fine horses. Kipp takes a look at a few of Kock’s cronies.

March 22, 2011 5:23 by

South Africa’s most well known horse trainer is all set to launch his 10-strong team in this year’s Dubai World Cup. And though the tension is building up, de Kock is no stranger to the competition. After all he is well renowned and has a team of world class horses to boast of including Golden Sword, Bold Silvano and Musir. Although de Kock did not come from a horse riding background, he was pulled to the world of horse racing in his youth. When he was in the South African Defense Forces in 1981 he was recruited into the Equestrian Unit, where he helped get horses ready for combat and endurance races. He soon became a riding instructor and the rest is history. While many are wondering just how well de Kock’s team will perform this World Cup, Kipp was interested in taking a look at his network of colleagues, friends and acquaintances.


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