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The Network of Money Makers in the Male Grooming Industry

The ever-growing industry of male grooming has these six main products to thank for its success...

September 4, 2011 4:20 by

“Yousuf, 22, a student in the UAE, spends on average Dh1,800 on grooming every month. This includes a bi-monthly visit to the spa, manicure, pedicure, shave, wax everywhere except arms and legs, threading and facials.” The opening paragraph of a Gulf News feature had Kipp a bit alarmed, we knew the male grooming industry was growing, especially here in Dubai, but had it gotten so lucrative?
Because this Kipper belongs to the opposite sex, doing the background research for this article was something of an amusing experience, although I can just pinpoint why, exactly. Perhaps after having to spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy tweezing, ironing and exfoliating all our flaws on a regular basis just to look presentable, it is somewhat satisfying to know men are beginning to feel similar kinds of pressure. Oh sure, for now the emergence of the metrosexual man is being dubbed as a trend, but from the way things are going we are quite certain it will soon become the standard. Which can mean only one thing: MONEY. The male grooming business is big bucks. Euromonitor International found that in 2008, global sales of men’s grooming products reached Dh71.6 billion in 2008 and grew to Dh79.7 billion in 2009, an increase of 11.3 per cent. In this network of, we take a look at some of the major money rake-ers of the male grooming industry.


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