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The network of… Richard Branson

He’s just celebrated turning 60, so we decided to mark the occasion by checking out six of the Virgin billionaire’s most interesting contacts.

September 13, 2010 5:07 by

Kipp has a confession to make: We’re Branson fans. The billionaire is one the most charismatic figures in the world of business. Whether it’s risky publicity stunts, commercializing space travel, or signing major music stars, Branson has always had a magic touch.
He was born in London in 1950. From an early age his parents encouraged self-sufficiency. The story goes that when he was 12 his mother drove him into the country and made him find his way home by bike. It took him all day. Such lessons held him in good stead – he went on to earn millions in the record industry, before branching out into airlines, trains, mobile phones and more.
In July, the bearded big man turned 60. His attempts to celebrate with a kite board across the English Channel last month were thwarted, so we decided to celebrate ourselves by looking at some of Branson’s more interesting associates – some of which are right here in the region. Click ‘next’ to see Richard Branson’s network.


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  1. Pushpani Lye on October 6, 2010 11:08 am

    One of the precious people to admire


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