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The Network of the iconic CEOs

With the iconic Steve Jobs stepping down from his perch at Apple, Kipp takes a look at the other CEOs that share his kind of Jobs-ian relationship to the brand they lead.

August 29, 2011 5:42 by

Barely a few hours after news of Steve Jobs resignation from his post as Apple’s CEO, Apple shares dropped by a dramatic 5 percent on New York’s Nasdaq. The drop wasn’t unexpected or unprecedented; after all the company had been through a similar experience earlier this year when the revered Mr. Jobs stepped down temporarily due to health reasons. The story of a CEO becoming the face of a brand is one that provides for an excellent case study; but we are not going to go into that—too much work. No, right now, we just found ourselves wondering what other brands have or will have the Jobs-syndrome? Click next to see our selection and let us know who you would add to the list.


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