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The Network of the World’s Greatest Thrill Seekers

With Alain Robert all set to scale the heights of Burj Khalifa this morning, Kipp takes a look at some of the world’s greatest thrill seekers.

March 27, 2011 5:25 by

This week, to mark the opening of the 10th Education Without Borders (EWB) Conference organised by the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), French Spiderman Alain Robert will be scaling the length of the world’s largest tower the Burj Khalifa. Ever the thrill-seeker-seeker, we will be waiting for Roberts, with our feet securely on the ground and a pair of binoculars in our sweaty, nerve-wracked hands. Though Kipp maybe as scared as a chicken, Roberts sure isn’t. In fact, he might just be one of the world’s finest thrill seekers (yes, Kipp does keep a list of such things). In fact, in honour of Roberts’ ascent tomorrow morning, we present to you, our network of the world’s greatest thrill seekers.


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