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The Network of Vanity Number Plates

With the predictions for the sale of a British number plate spelling"Abu Dhabi" exceeding Dh1.7 million, the practice of vehicle number plates sold for a pretty penny plates remains strong. Kipp brings you a list of some of the most expensive Vanity Plates that “AB11 DHB” is likely to join.

February 6, 2012 4:32 by

Plates, Kipp finds it amusing how the craze has grown from single and double digits, to those that spell out a word, with the trend even spreading internationally. Take for instance, the British number plate that supposedly spells out Abu Dhabi that is causing quite a stir.

Though the registration number, AB11 DHB, was originally bought for £400 (Dh2,300), it has crossed the £25,000 (Dh144,500) value estimation mark already. According to the company handling the auction, the plate is likely to fetch something around the Dh1.7 million mark.

Wow-wee! Kipp feels giddy just thinking about how these tiny shiny pieces of metal can be worth more than the vehicle to which it’s attached. Here’s a list of some of the most expensive Vanity Plates that are likely to be worth more than what most of you could ever enjoy spending in one lifetime.


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