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The Oscars

The glittering 81st Annual Academy Awards have just ended, showering prestigious honors on its winners, and pumping lots of money into the economy.

February 23, 2009 4:38 by

Awards history

The Oscars started as a private hotel banquet on May 16, 1929 at Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. Only 270 people attended, and the winners were known three months in advance. There was no media present.

The statuettes were handed out by then Academy president Douglas Fairbanks. Fifteen statuettes were awarded at the first ceremony, and the first ‘Best Actor’ winner was German tragedian Emil Jannings, who had to return to Europe before the ceremony. The Academy agreed to present him the trophy early, making his statuette the very first Academy Award ever presented.

The first televised Oscar ceremony took place in1953 in the US and Canada, color broadcasting began in 1966, and three years later, it went international.


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