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The reason behind the slow internet speed in the UAE.

Arabic internet users to get dot shabaka

From cyber attacks to vindictive scuba divers, there are plenty of explanations for the slower-than-usual internet speed in the UAE this week.

March 28, 2013 5:09 by

If you have been waiting for a long time for your favourite website to load, chances are you are one of many in the UAE facing problems with the internet. Though you may have been quick to blame it on Kipp’s servers (your favourite website is Kippreport, right?)—there are quite a few scapegoats to shoulder the blame.

First is the usual cable damage caused by a ship in the Mediterranean as reported by The National, WAM and Etisalat. Rogue anchors have been known to cause significant damage to undersea internet cables in the past.

This may be the more rational explanation, but Kipp much prefers the reports of three scuba divers apprehended by naval forces in Egypt. Speeding away in a fishing boat, apparently the three were attempting to cut an undersea internet cable. Du, on the other hand, has reassured customers that the damage caused to the two undersea cables will not affect its customers.

And finally—there is the greater story about a global internet slow down resulting from what the BBC is calling the biggest cyber attack of its kind in history. The cyber war is being waged by London and Geneva-based anti-spam and hosting firm Spamhaus and Dutch webhost Cyberbunker.

The former recently blocked Cyberbunker’s servers on grounds of its servers being used for malicious purposes.Though no one has taken credit for the attack, Spamhaus pointed the finger at Cyberbunker and its “criminal gangs” from Eastern Europe and Russia.”

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