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The Richest Women of the East

Most lists of richest females tend to be dominated by those from the other side of the globe. Kipp looks Eastward to bring you the East’s well-off women.

February 5, 2012 4:35 by

  • With titles from TIME Magazine, Forbes and Arabian Business, Luban Olayan should come as no surprise as a feature on this list. As the CEO of Olayan Financing Company, since 1986, Saudi Olayan has been regarded as one of the most influential and powerful business women in the Arab World. The Olayan family net worth is close to $12 billion. Her individual worth is unreported, however.

  • With a net worth of $5.5 billion, Wu Yajun is not only the richest woman in China, but the richest self-made woman in the world. A former journalist, Yajun, is the co-founder of Longhu Real Estate Development Co. Ltd, which enjoyed an 81 percent increase in contract sales last year. Since its founding in central China, Longfor has been expanding aggressively in to more and more first tier cities.

  • As CEO of Tiffany Watch of the Swatch Group, Nayla Hayek’s net worth is listed at somewhere close to $3.10 billion. Hayek, who is also the chairwoman of the Swatch Group is also responsible for the  Swatch Group Middle East, Swatch Group India and Balmain. She is also well-known for her role as a judge for Arabian horse competitions.

  • Known as Asia’s richest woman, Jindal is the widow of the founder of steel and power group OP Jindal Group. When her husband died in a helicopter crash, Jindal took over as head of the group in 2005.  This mother of nine has a reported net worth of $12.2 billion.

  • With a net worth $4.1 billion, Huiyan is the main shareholder in Country Garden Holdings of Guangzhou, a rather significant player in China property scene. Huiyan rose to popularity, when her father and the chairman of Country Garden Holdings of Guangzhou transferred his holding to her in 2007 before the first IPO, making her the richest person in all of China at the time. At the time of the transfer, it is worth noting that Huiyan was only 26 years old—young and loaded, what a power combo.


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  1. Khalid Masoud on February 6, 2012 9:46 am

    Your analysis are incorrect; Lubna Olayan is not the richest in the East or at least she should not be posted at top of the list.

    The list should be as follows:
    1 – Savitri Jindal – $12.2
    2 – Wu Yajun – $5.5
    3 – Yang Huiyan – $4.1
    3 – Nayla Hayek – $3.10
    5 – Lubna Olayan – Undisclosed

    Due to the incorrectness of your information you are loosing creditability, hence, readers.

    Either, you call yourselves a tabloid and give out controversial n gossips or call yourselves news paper put up credible news.


  2. p.deleon on February 6, 2012 10:37 am

    Hi Khalid. Thanks for your feedback. The slideshow was not intended to be in any particular order or as an absolute list. We apologize if we gave the impression that this is a ranking.

    As you know, verifiable figures regarding personal wealth in the Middle East is hard to come by. Most of the women that we have had to cross out of our list have gained wealth by association with their spouse. On the other hand, we wanted to showcase women who have amassed wealth themselves or at least contributed to the value.


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