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The rising illness

The rising illness

Bahrain, which is suffering from high rates of absenteeism at work, has now approved a new plan that allows civil servants in the country to take a week off to support ill family members.

October 20, 2009 2:16 by

Seeming that sick leave is already being abused by employees in the country, Bahrain’s new plan is likely to be abused. But Council members have justified the plan, saying that although there is scope for abuse, genuine people should not suffer.

“This amendment will certainly help because there are a lot of sick people, who are in need of a family member to be with them, as they enter surgery, are in emergency or intensive care,” Health Ministry medical committee chief Ali Mokamil said during a meeting in March last year.

“For example, someone who sees his daughter or son in pain, wouldn’t do his work properly, which means he should be entitled for time-off to regroup and help his family recover, as his presence is a cure by itself.”

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