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The Six Degrees of Abdullah Khalifa Al Kaabi

Emirati film director Abdullah Khalifa al Kaabi may be having his film screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, but how can we connect him to a top celebrity chef and two controversial novelists?

March 20, 2011 3:53 by

Dan Brown

Not too much is known about the private life of US author Dan Brown who wrote the thriller The Da Vinci Code, which followed Harvard “symbologist” Robert Langdon in a rather action packed few days in Europe as he investigated a murder at the Louvre Museum in Paris and consequently explores an underworld of religious secrets, mysteries and conspiracies— yeah The Vatican hated it. Brown first came to fame in 1998, when his first book Digital Fortress became a bestseller. Shortly after, he wrote Angels and Demons, Deception Point and the much acclaimed The Da Vinci Code. But for all his success, Brown is not without his critics. He has been accused of plagiarism, historical inaccuracy and just downright bad writing. The last complaint was raised by controversial writer…


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