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The Six Degrees of Colin Firth

Oscar winner for Best Actor, Colin Firth is the man of the moment. But how can Kipp connect him to a UAE rally champ through a deluded dictator?

February 28, 2011 3:31 by

Colin Firth

Colin Firth is certainly the man of the moment, if the shiny new Oscar for Best Actor in his possession is anything to go by. If Kipp is honest we, like everyone else, saw it coming, as Firth did give nothing short of a stellar performance in the historic drama The King’s Speech, in which he portrays King George VI of England as he attempts to overcome a pretty nasty speech impediment. Historic Drama, speech impediment – sounds like Oscar fodder, if you are asking Kipp. But regardless, Firth’s performance is both Oscar worthy and riveting.

Firth is a more popular name around this part of the world because he was one of the more prominent Hollywood stars who attended this year’s DIFF (Dubai International Film Festival), promoting his Oscar winning film, funnily enough. At the festival he rubbed shoulders with some of the big names of Hollywood, Arabic Cinema and a whole bunch of officials including DIFF chairman…


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