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The Six Degrees of Colin Firth

Oscar winner for Best Actor, Colin Firth is the man of the moment. But how can Kipp connect him to a UAE rally champ through a deluded dictator?

February 28, 2011 3:31 by


He came to power when he toppled King Idris I in a bloodless coup at the age of 27 and has ruled Libya with an iron fist. Known for his somewhat eccentric sense of dress and style a Libya analyst Saad Djebbar described the leader: “He’s unique in his discourse, in his behaviour, in his practice and in his strategy. But he’s a shrewd politician, make no mistake about that. He’s a political survivor of the first order.”  Gadaffi, who has been the center of much political attention this month, has been lampooned by critics around and he world, and America’s infamous Jon Stewart is no exception. In a recent episode of his satirical show The Daily Show, Stewart made a series of hilarious comparisons of popular culture to the Libyan leader including late pop sensation…


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