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The Six Degrees of Elie Saab

With the runways at The Bride Show in Dubai all ready for a parade of couture wedding gowns and evening dresses, Kipp finds out at how Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab is connected to a troubled rock star.

April 19, 2011 2:06 by

Elie Saab

Google Image ‘Elie Saab’ and you’ll see a search engine catwalk of breathtakingly beautiful gowns, some worn by equally breathtakingly beautiful and popular Hollywood actors and models. Anyone unfamiliar with the story of Saab would assume he’s just another designer who has been schooled in the great fashion houses of Europe. This is far from the truth, however, as Elie Saab is indeed a Lebanese designer who taught himself to sow. He launched his label when he was just eighteen, way back in 1982 but only received worldwide recognition twenty years later when Hollywood actress Halle Berry wore a burgundy dress he designed to the Oscars in which she became the first African-American to win an Oscar. The amount of attention Saab’s creation got after that historic moment was tremendous and celebrities as varied as Beyonce, Elissa, Queen Rania, Princess Victoria of Sweden and Dakota Fanning have worn his creations. Even here, in Dubai, the fascination with the Elie Saab brand has been increasing, especially when Tatweer entered into an agreement with the Lebanese designer to develop a signature hotel in The Tiger Woods resort. Though the project is currently on hold, the deal looked particularly promising in 2008 when Saab shook hands with Tatweer Chairman….


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