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The Six Degrees of James Cameron

James Cameron: Love him or hate him there’s no denying he’s done pretty well for himself. But would he be smart enough to connect himself to an under-aged erotic dancer via Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi?

March 14, 2011 3:00 by

James Cameron: Kipp isn’t the biggest fan of the man’s films, but we will say one thing: he sure can make ’em. In his career he has managed to master the art of making a blockbuster film with a massive budget and equally massive technological innovations and still draw in crowds of huge proportions. That’s a tough task, as splashing a project with bundles and bundles of cash does not mean the film will be successful (take Sex and The City 2 or The Last Airbender for instance). The reason we are talking about James Cameron is that he will be in the capital this week at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit. Kipp probably won’t be meeting the famed actor but we will, however, try to connect him to an underaged sex worker through the world’s most famous whistle blower – it’s the type of thing we do. So, let’s get this all started: James Cameron, who’s latest blockbuster Avatar won a lot of Oscars, failed to secure the title of best film. That award went to The Hurt Locker, which was, coincidentally, directed by Cameron’s ex-wife…


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