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The Six Degrees of Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is all set to launch a Middle East theatre academy, but how can we connect him to an Abu Dhabi Video Games Company via a super model and a boxer?

February 7, 2011 4:11 by

Badr Jafar

Badr Jafar has enough petrol-related titles to make even Kipp just a little sleepy: not only is he the CEO and Executive Director at the Crescent Petroleum Group of companies, he also serves as Chairman of Gas Cities LLC and is involved in business development in Dana Gas PJSas. Let’s not forget that Jafar is also the Chairman of Pearl Petroleum, a partnership between Crescent Petroleum, Dana Gas, OMV of Austria and MOL of Hungary.

Emirati Jafar was born in Sharjah, but attended Eton at the age of 15 and then Cambridge shortly after. At both schools he served as the captain of the shooting clubs. Do you feel under accomplished yet? Here’s a quote from the man himself when he was interviewed by The National: “That’s what I get a kick out of. I do get people saying that ‘surely, you can’t really be deeply involved with any industry if you are doing so much’, but I disagree with that. I’m passionate about everything I’m doing.”

And he does quite a lot of things; besides steering his multiple businesses, Jafar still finds the time to unwind and has been seen around town with a variety of interesting companions including love interest and supermodel…


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