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The Six Degrees of Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is all set to launch a Middle East theatre academy, but how can we connect him to an Abu Dhabi Video Games Company via a super model and a boxer?

February 7, 2011 4:11 by

Spacey; now if that name isn’t out-of-this-world we don’t what is (sorry, we had to). But why are we focusing a special Six Degrees on him? Apart from having a pretty nifty name and a couple of excellent films under his belt (American Beauty sticks out in our mind), he is also setting up a new theatre project in the Middle East. According to Khaleej Times, The Kevin Spacey Foundation (KSF) will launch the Middle East Theatre Academy. Speaking at the launch, Spacey said “My mentor Jack Lemmon had a phrase that he used all the time, which I’ve now adopted as my own. He believed that if you’ve been successful in your chosen path, then ‘sending the elevator back down’ is your obligation.” So the Hollywood star is all set to send the elevator down in collaboration with the CEO of Crescent Investments…


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