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The Six Degrees of Kristin Stewart

This deathly pale Twilight star would like to act with Bollywood hero Shahrukh Khan. Unlikely pair? Kipp connects them with the help of regional and global executives and some hairpieces

November 14, 2011 5:30 by

Dubai Pearl

The $4-billion Dubai Pearl mega project held much promise when it was first announced. The project, designed by Schweger Associated Architects, was heralded to be the “city within a city”.  It was supposed to include a “residential, retail, hotel, office and cultural space, including a purpose built theatre complex with an 1,800 seat auditorium”—which probably makes sense as it was to be the future home of the Dubai International Film Festival. (Perhaps the Dubai Pearl theaters could be the place Stewart and SRK meet to make future plans?)

But like most real estate projects, this one had to get realistic about its progress. The latest update claims that construction was on course for completion of phase one in 2013.

Of course, some are still staying optimistic: the chairman of Dubai Pearl, said “Despite recent challenges in the UAE’s real estate sector there is still demand for the right projects being built in the right location.” The chairman of the project is none other than…


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