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The Six Degrees of Kristin Stewart

This deathly pale Twilight star would like to act with Bollywood hero Shahrukh Khan. Unlikely pair? Kipp connects them with the help of regional and global executives and some hairpieces

November 14, 2011 5:30 by

Samir Ghanem

Egyptian actor Samir Ghanem met Dubai Pearl Chairman Abdul Majeed al Fahim,at the 3rd Annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Dubai during the Dubai International Film Festival of 2009. Samir Ghanem is well known and regarded as one of Egypt’s finest comedians. He shot to fame as a member of the stand-up comedy trio Tholathy Adwa’a El Masrah with George Sidhom and El Deif Ahmed.

Ghanem is famous for saying “We are ordinary people: we have our worries, responsibilities and pains,” snaps Samir Ghanem. “I’m calm and silent most of the time — pondering. I’m too sensitive by nature and that makes me unfunny in my everyday life. Most famous comedians are the same.” He is also famous for his somewhat contentious hair, that many speculate share a similar nature to the following man’s much talked about hair….


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