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The Six Degrees of… Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has strong networks in the UAE beyond her promotional tour. Check out how she’s connected to a media mogul, an Emirati situational artist and a controversial Emirati doctor?

June 22, 2011 3:45 by

Kipp has fond memories of watching snatches of Martha Stewart’s show on Channel 33 in between shows. From cooking up a storm, to washing mirrors, was there anything Martha couldn’t solve? Wow, did we look up to her…until she was thrown into prison, that is. What? Come on, we had to take at least one stab at her, we couldn’t help ourselves. But regardless of her jailbird status, Kipp still is a fan of The Stewart—she taught us a lot more than any Home-Ec prof ever did, so props to her for that. She was recently in town promoting her show on Fatafeat. While she roamed the streets of Dubai soaking up the culture at Bastikiya and Kibeer Souq, her tour guide was Fatafeat founder…


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