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The Six Degrees of… Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has strong networks in the UAE beyond her promotional tour. Check out how she’s connected to a media mogul, an Emirati situational artist and a controversial Emirati doctor?

June 22, 2011 3:45 by


She may have recently quit TV, but there will be few who need an introduction to this talk show queen. Oprah Winfrey has provided the world with more than 25 years of entertainment with The Oprah Winfrey Show—although her programmes were not always well received. Over here in Dubai, the masses took great offence to one particular show during which Oprah was talking to ‘real’ women from all over the world. Before she began to speak to her chosen lady from Dubai, this is the introduction she chose: “Thanks to this country’s rich oil supplies, the government provides its citizens with free water, electricity and health care. The best part? No income tax!”

Well, you can see why many were angered by her. The whole deal got a little messy and a spokeswoman for Harpo, Oprah’s production company, told the New York Post “it was never the intention of the Oprah show to misrepresent the people of Dubai. Dr. Hamdan appeared live on our programme to speak about her personal life experience as a citizen of Dubai. We apologise if any of our viewers were offended.” Nonetheless, here in Dubai, after the interview was aired, there was an awful lot of hate and counter-hate directed at the Dubain lady who spoke on the show…


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