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The Six Degrees of… Prince Harry

He’s a British socialite and no doubt about it, but how can Kipp connect him to an Indian tycoon via the Emirates chairman, a mechanic, and the professor of football?

February 15, 2011 1:07 by

Ah, Harry. Or, to give him his full name, Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales (presumably really Henry Charles Albert David Windsor). He’s a character, and no mistake. Third in line to the British throne, he’s got a bit of a problem: Dad is next in line, then his brother, so what the heck should he do with himself? His chances of being king are pretty slim. So, as a young man of incredible wealth and privilege, he did what any of us would do: Got himself a smoking hot girlfriend, and partied a lot.

Of course, everyone has to grow up at some stage, and Kipp is pleased to report that Harry now seems to be making a decent fist of life as an adult. He joined the army and served in Afghanistan briefly, which doesn’t meet everyone’s approval, but at least it was borne of a desire to serve his country. His carries out various royal duties, representing the state, and is also involved with numerous charitable initiatives. He’s in the news just now as media reports seem to confirm he’ll be older brother William’s best man at the much-hyped royal wedding in April, and because before that he’ll be in Dubai riding a horse. Apparently he likes riding a horse; in fact he’s big on lots of sports, which could be why he met…


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