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The Six Degrees of… Prince Harry

He’s a British socialite and no doubt about it, but how can Kipp connect him to an Indian tycoon via the Emirates chairman, a mechanic, and the professor of football?

February 15, 2011 1:07 by

Ivan Gazidis

[apply comedy accent] Wwwwwhhhhhoooooooooo? [If you ever lived in the UK, and you ever listened to Radio One, you might get the reference.] Ivan Gazidis is a South African born exec currently in CEO of Arsenal FC. When Emirates sponsored the club’s shirt and stadium, Gazidis and the Sheikh were all smiles.

Gazidis may have been born in SA, but he moved to the UK as a wee nipper where he studied hard and wound up at Oxford, from where he attained a degree in law. One thing led to another and he wound up in the states, where he was part of the founding management team of Major League Soccer, which he left to join Arsenal in 2008. [Incidentally, Arsenal is the club which Harry supports. See how we get all these things tying into each other? Clever Kipp.]

Of course, being in charge at Arsenal Football Club meant regular contact with the ‘Professor of football’, none other than…


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