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The Six Degrees of… Prince Harry

He’s a British socialite and no doubt about it, but how can Kipp connect him to an Indian tycoon via the Emirates chairman, a mechanic, and the professor of football?

February 15, 2011 1:07 by

Arsene Wenger

Arsene has been in charge for around 15 years at Arsenal, making him the longest serving manager the club has ever had, as well as the most successful.

Wenger is one of those clever clogs who make the rest of us feel very stupid. He has a degree in electrical engineering, a master’s in economics, is fluent in French, German and English and can speak some Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Arsene got into trouble recently when his usually very private private life spilled out onto the pages of the British tabloids, thanks to an alleged relationship with a French rapper known as Donya (real name Sonya Tatar). Looking at these pictures, we can’t understand why the craggy 61 year old might be interested, can you?

Anyway, being a bit of a dude, Wenger gets cool invites to event s the rest of us have to watch on telly. At one such event he met…


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