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The Six Degrees of… Prince Harry

He’s a British socialite and no doubt about it, but how can Kipp connect him to an Indian tycoon via the Emirates chairman, a mechanic, and the professor of football?

February 15, 2011 1:07 by

Mike Gascoyne

Okay, so calling him a mechanic in the abstract was perhaps underselling him. Mike is a leading technical expert in the Formula One circuit; back when he was technical director at Toyota, he welcomed Wenger when he visited the team.

If you’re wondering how you get the job of technical director of a Formula One team, here’s a tip to start you off: study for a PhD in fluid dynamics from Cambridge University. That’s how Gascoyne started out, though he didn’t complete his thesis so he’s not a doctor. He started out at a helicopter firm before a long desired switch to motorsport, where he worked his way up. His big break came when he was recruited as technical director at Jordan in 1998; 1999 was the team’s most successful performance.

He’s now technical boss at the new Lotus team entering F1, but before that Gascoyne collected his pay cheque from…


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