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The Six Degrees of… Rafael Nadal

This week Nadal beat Roger Federer in the Mubadala World Tennis Championship, Abu Dhabi. How can Kipp connect him to a Scientologist through a member of the British Monarchy?

January 4, 2011 4:29 by

Tom Cruise

When he was in Dubai late last year, scaling the Burj Khalifa (link number one, so in hindsight we could have cut out the rest) and running across DIFC for the latest installment of Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise got some lessons on handling falcons from Dubai’s Ruler Sheikh Mohammed. Probably better known for his couch jumping antics on The Oprah Winfrey Show than for his more sober real name (Thomas Cruise Mapother IV), TC has a series of Hollywood blockbusters under his belt including Minority Report, Collateral, Rain Man, Jerry Maguire and Vanilla Sky. His on-screen performances aren’t the only basis of his celebrity: Cruise’s rather public personal life has caught the attention of many. From his decade long marriage to Nicole Kidman, his brief affair with Penelope Cruz, his conversion to scientology and his over-publicized marriage to Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise is no stranger to the gossip magazines.


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