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The Six Degrees of Richard Gere

Richard Gere may be in town to promote his new film Arbitrage at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, but how will Kipp connect him to a member of the Al Habtoor family and a recently announced real estate development?

October 14, 2012 3:58 by

The 6th Abu Dhabi Film Festival was opened with a screening of the film Arbitrage which features Richard Gere. The film, which chronicles the world of a hedge funds and trading, has been well received  “We have been screening Arbitrage and people have been responding to it well, which makes us feel good. There are so many people involved in making a film, so if I get an award then we all win” said Richard Gere. In addition to being rather timely, the film also has considerable Middle Eastern roots. After all the producer of the film is none other than…


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