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The Six Degrees of… Shahrukh Khan

The Bollywood big-shot has got himself into some hot water over a villa on the Palm. But how can we connect him to a French climber via a self-important Irish rock star?

January 11, 2011 2:56 by

Poor old SRK is in trouble. The squishy faced Bollywood hero is all over the papers in the UAE where it has been revealed that he faces investigation for tax evasion. The suspicions center on a villa on the Palm Jumeirah that he was apparently gifted by one of the local developers. But was it a gift, or was it a payment? India’s Income Tax department says that SRK provided a plug for the developer, so the villa constitutes a payment, making it taxable.

Born in 1965, Khan was a stand-out student at school, winning the the Sword of Honour, an annual award given to the student who best represents the spirit of the school. He attained an economics degree before Bollywood beckoned, and since then his rise has been meteoric.

The villa at the centre of SRK’s current problems was given to him by…


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