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The Six Degrees of Sheikh Omar Bin Saqr Al Qassimi

The CEO of RAK Airways just announced the re-launch of their passenger flights. But how can we connect him to a prominent Lebanese business tycoon through a Bollywood Diva?

September 27, 2010 4:28 by

Rafik Hariri

Born to a greengrocer and a tenant farmer, Rafik Hariri transformed his life in a real rags to riches story. The Times reports that upon Hariri’s assassination, he left his wife and children with a colossal dynasty consisting of financial and media companies stretching from Saudi Arabia to Brazil, and allegedly worth up to £4 billion.

The beginnings of the story of Hariri is hardly original; unable to pay his tuitions for his studies in accountancy at the Arab University, Hariri was forced to drop out and get a job as a school teacher in Jeddah. Working as a bookkeeper shortly after in an engineering firm, Hariri started his own construction business. Coupled with shrewd business insight and the oil boom of the early seventies, Hariri’s thriving business grew and grew and the rest is history.


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