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The Six Degrees of… Usher Usher

Not only can we not say his name just once, we also can’t avoid him right now. How can we connect him to a flamboyant fashion designer and a Chinese actress in a bikini?

March 7, 2011 5:32 by

Usher Usher, otherwise known as just Usher, will always be Usher Usher to us. It stems from one of his biggest hits, ‘Yeah’, in which someone (him, maybe) says his name several times at the start of the track. Having said that, someone also says “Peace up, A-Town’s Down”, so perhaps we should just ignore it. Anyway here it is, in case you haven’t heard it. We defy you to mention him again without calling him Usher Usher.

Anyway, Usher Usher is on his way to the Middle East. In fact, he’s probably here in Dubai already. He’s got a concert on Thursday night in Dubai’s Media City (right outside Kipp’s window in fact, in the amphitheater. Apparently the event is a sell-out, with a rumoured 12,000 people coming. Kipp is certain that can’t be right, since anyone can see that the amphitheater has an obvious capacity much lower than that. But the sell-out bit seems likely, since it’s all anyone can talk about. There were even rumours early this week that the concert would be cancelled, but organizers have been quick to rubbish them.

For a guy who likes to go around without a shirt on, Usher is apparently into fashion, which could be why he was spotted with…


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