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The Six Degrees of… Usher Usher

Not only can we not say his name just once, we also can’t avoid him right now. How can we connect him to a flamboyant fashion designer and a Chinese actress in a bikini?

March 7, 2011 5:32 by

Vivi Nevo

The Israeli businessman and the Chinese star were once engaged. They were rarely seen without each other, although sometimes they showed a bit too much affection. There was a mini-internet scandal, particularly in Asia, when the pair were pictured on the beach, him being very hands on, and her with very few clothes. They separated in 2010.

Aviv ‘Vivi’ Nevo inherited some $10 million, according to reports, with which he became a venture capitalist – he went on to turn it into an even bigger fortune. He is now a major shareholder in Time Warner, the media company, which presumably did Zhang’s career no harm, thinks Kipp.

Just a few days ago Nevo was pictured with average actress of the moment…


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