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The Six Degrees of… Usher Usher

Not only can we not say his name just once, we also can’t avoid him right now. How can we connect him to a flamboyant fashion designer and a Chinese actress in a bikini?

March 7, 2011 5:32 by

Karl Lagerfeld

The pair have been seen together plenty, and for good reason, it turned out. Lively is a new face for Chanel, the iconic fashion brand, and will soon be seen in an advert for handbags.

Lagerfeld is the notorious creative director for Chanel. He also helms his own brand and Fendi. The short German, never seen without his shades, keeps his exact birthday a secret but he’s thought to be 77. He moved to Paris as a young man, and served out various apprenticeships at fashion houses. Since then he has been prolific, working across the globe and across countless fashion brands. He’s had a few scandals on the way, including provoking Anna Wintour (inspiration for the Devil Wears Prada) into walking out of a show when he used an adult film star and strippers to model.

The designer’s ambitions are limitless, it seems, as evidenced by his connection to Dubai’s…


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