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The Six Degrees of…Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is just next door. But before you roll out the welcome mat, find out how this legendary football player-turned-coach is connected to a German fashionista and hiphop mogul.

June 8, 2011 3:16 by

Karl Lagerfeld

This German fashion designer, artist and photographer was born Karl Otto Lagerfeldt. That’s right. This fashsionista dropped the ‘t’ in his last name because he said ‘Lagerfeld’ sounded ‘more commercial’.

But don’t ask us how old he is as there’s some contention on that—a local christening register at Hamburg says he was born in 1933 but the fashion icon says he is born in 1938.

So anyway the 70-ish-year-old is based in Paris and has collaborated on a variety of fashion and art related projects, most notably as head designer and creative director for fashion house Chanel. Lagerfeld helms his own label fashion house, as well as the Italian house Fendi.

Kagerfeld’s claim to fame, however, isn’t just in his creative prowess. He has also attracted negative publicity over the years, including when he used a verse from the Qur’an in his spring 1994 couture collection for Chanel. He and the fashion house later apologised, saying he had taken the design from a book about the Taj Mahal, thinking the words came from a love poem.

In 2008, Lagerfeld signed a deal with Dubai Infinity Holdings to design limited edition houses on Isla Moda, which was supposed to be the world’s dedicated fashion island. It would have been located on Dubai’s The World project, except of course three years on and that project is in indefinite hiatus as the country’s property market crashed during the economic crisis.

Before everything went sour though, Lagerfeld was happy to plant the Isla Moda flag with this CEO…


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