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The Six Degrees of…Mark Zuckerberg

Time is putting together the 100 most influential people in the world. They’ve cut it down to 224 people and are now for your votes for your pick of leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes. One of your choices is boy wonder Mark Zuckerberg.

April 6, 2011 4:55 by

Eric Schimdt

Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt and Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg were spotted driving away from the Sun Valley Lodge in Eric’s light blue rental car for a private rendezvous. Schmidt, smiling, was carrying a coffee.

The pair clearly has a lot to talk about. Google has been doubling down in social-networking while Facebook has been beefing up on search. Although we’re not sure how chummy they’ll still be after Ji Lee, Creative Director for Google Creative Lab has confirmed on his Twitter that he is moving to Facebook as its first creative director—confirming both the talent leakage of Google but also Facebook’s long term build out of the strategic departments. But then again Eric has slightly bigger fish to swim with starting with this FMCG brand chair…


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