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The Six Degrees of…Ola Ghanem

This Egyptian actress is in hot water over her ‘provocative’ role in a Ramadan serial. Now find out how she’s connected to an enduring politician and a global business icon.

September 6, 2011 3:44 by

Ola Ghanem is a decorated actress. Born in 1973 and with her birthday coming up in November, this Egypt native has won a couple of Best Actress awards for her role in Sahar Al-Layali. The first award was from the Damascus Film Festival 2003 and the other was for the Paris Biennial of Arab Cinema in 2004.

But her acting prowess isn’t what’s keeping her on the social spotlight these days. Mostly it’s because she has received some backlash from her “provocative choices” in a Ramadan serial called Sharea Abdel Aziz (Abdel Aziz Street), deeming the clips unsuitable for Arab families to watch during the holy month.

It’s too bad that the show has attracted negative publicity. And it’s not just from Ghanem. Her co-star Ramy Waheed had been accused of being too realistic with his heavy hand during the taping of a beating scene with this co-star…


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